coming soon:

-a post of my current favorite relationship books that if people had all the time in the world they should read

-engagement photos

-some thoughts on transformation

-this weekend: invitations, flowers, and dj’s oh my!


im not really the bride that…

…remembers that people like to be updated on wedding happenings! I usually feel a little self conscious blogging about it, but a friend reminded me that um-actually- people are obsessed with my wedding and will take any information they can get.

So, I suppose I will give a little update on what I have been doing. Just last night I received the first batch of our engagement photos, I really loved what I have seen so far, although I’m not used to seeing myself kissing Richie in pictures 🙂 overall I cant wait to look through and select my favorites to print out and hang up in our apartment one day.

This last week my ex-but beloved-roommate Megan came and visited form Colorado and she helped me pick out some invites, check out male wedding bands, make my hair and makeup appointments and “preview” appointments. SO many appointments, and with 101 days left till w-day I suppose its time to make them. Dermatologist for pretty skin, dentist for teeth whiteness, hair stylist, nail styling specialists, lip plumping specialist…the list goes on. Also, Richie and I spent about an hour today planning some parts of our our ceremony. We are using the TV show Glee as a springboard for inspiration, lots of group dance numbers and spontaneous singing of current pop songs.

We are also planning my bridal shower, buying bridesmaids dresses, apartment hunting, looking for a DJ and videographer, next weekend ill pick out flowers and cake, and Richie basically has our honeymoon planned (he is pretty excited for that vacation, as am I).

SO needless to say, we are well on our way! Its really fun, but whats even more fun is the thought of being married, thats truly what I am most looking forward to. I cant wait till going home at night means going home to Richie, and I cannot wait for all the adventures the next few years hold for us.