Hello Mountains {Durango, Colorado}


This Thursday-Sunday held another weekend of travels and adventures. Richie, my parents, and myself jetset of to Durango colorado, a town so small that the final plane we took to get there held about 50…can you say small and bumpy (not so good for my flying anxiety).  The reason: Cousins getting hitched! Hello tiny little mountain town that I wished I lived in!


Hello fire-trees! They were so gorgeous they took my breath away. The mountains were covered in the glittering yellow and red medallion leaves. Made for a gorgeous wedding backdrop. Image

In addition to helping with the coordinating, Richie and I were put on puppy duty. Dungee (shown below) is my cousins pup/ring bearer. Since the soon to be Mr. and Mrs. were busy partying it up celebrating their upcoming nuptials, we happily took on puppy sitting. Richie wants a dog more than really anything in this world, and hanging out with Dung made him the happiest he has been in weeks. We were informed Dungee can only sleep through the night if he sleeps in someones bed. At first I was anti puppy in bed, until my other puppy (Richie) stared at me with his big blue eyes and begged. I could not say no.Image

Hello cutest dog ever who slept straight through the night. Its stressful being in a wedding party!Image

The great thing about family weddings is family adventures with my favorite aunt. Hello small town Colorado! Image

The wedding itself was GORGEOUS. It was perfectly fall in every way. It MAY have rained richt up until the bride showed up, but then the sun came out and it was warm and glowy.ImageImage

Hello little D! Well done walking down that isle.Image

Hello grandpa giving the opening prayer. Image

Did I mention I did most of the wedding set up and coordinating? SO fun 🙂 I loved getting all the tables gorgeous, and setting up the guest signing. My friend Lauren and I are opening up a business I think. If you want two over qualified coordinators for your next event.



for some more prof pics go here.

Goodbye weekend! I had so much fun hanging out with family, eating good cake, running around coordinating, and dancing the night away with my hubster. Hello three days at home till we head off to georgia. AND HELLO BIRTHDAY WEEK TO ME!