I Love when….

I love when other countries are lit up on my blog stats page. I like the giant web of relationships Richie and I have. From Africa, to Europe, on down to Latin America, and across the States, we are so lucky with who we have in our life.

Sometimes I play that mind game where I feel a little lonely, a little like Im not too popular, or don’t have enough relationally. But thats not the way God structured my little family’s life. The net is cast wide, the people we love, they scatter the globe. I get sad because I want to tuck them all in the same city so I can have big Saturday night dinners with my nieces and nephews and new sisters, with cousins and aunts, with godparents and close friends.

But when I look at my little blog map Im reminded, I’ve got a community of adventures. That is pretty incredible, and a gift.  So Ill sit here in my little corner of the world, and pray for them, and keep in touch with them, and love them.