school of lies.

I am a senior living in a freshman dorm. Most days I don’t mind it, in fact generally speaking, I really enjoy it. Really the only downside is that I do not have a kitchen.If you know me well you understand this, I just enjoy cooking and eating my own food, in the comfort of my own home. Last year year it was so great to just wake up and shuffle out to my kitchen to have a cup of coffee and start breakfast, then get ready for my day.

Dorm life is not conducive to this kind of morning lifestyle. I have till before nine thirty am to get my but out of my top bunk (which is quite an ordeal) get ready and shuffle across a cold (well a socal cold)(much colder than my old hallway from my bedroom to my kitchen) campus to get to the caf for breakfast. It is a process that takes precise planning. Please don’t think I am complaining, I mainly do not mind this. Except for one thing. Feggs. Feggs (fake eggs) are porous, bright yellow, rubbery cubes of hell. They taste like feet, and are you only “egg” option unless you make it in time for an omelet.  Cue the lies. The caf, which is open until NINE THIRTY, shuts down the omelet line at like nine, or if you experienced the living nightmare I did last week, at eight forty. Its a sick sick joke, you never know when the omelet maker man is going to invoke his shutting down powers. It is truly heart breaking, because instad of a veggie filled cheesy omelet that is so very light and fluffy, you get feggs. 

Large in part I have let go of this frustration, until this morning. Preview weekend, where lots of little high schoolers visit us to see how awesome APU is. THEY KEPT THE LINE OPEN UNTIL NINE THIRTY. HOUSE OF LIES. all these pore kids think they are picking a school where they can get omelets until breakfast closes. I was so tempted to stand next to the station and inform everyone of the truth. this is not reality.

but, I was in the middle of a good book, so I just sat at a table glaring the omelet maker man down. Im pretty sure he got the message.