wedding notes

On June 10th 2012 I married Richard Ewing Brown the IV… aka Richie B.

It was a happy, lovely, perfect day. Here are my notes:

Wedding Vendors I used and love– Being the kind of bride who just wanted to trust her venders and not “micromanage” her wedding, they were all a perfect fit.

Photographer : Roya shot my wedding, she is my best friends sister and I could not have been happier. amazing. talented. funny.

DJ: I am not kidding when I say he was perfect. Not too in your face, but kept the party rollin.

Venue: gorgeous. the pictures speak for themselves, plus they were reasonably priced. You have to use their caterer but that ok because… (next link)

Caterer: freaking. delicious. and im a foodie and wanna-be chef. im picky. and i loved these caterers.

Hair and Make-up: Brittany has been doing my hair for a few years now. I really trust her, and liked the hair super a lot.

Videographer: the cutest couple! they totally made me feel at ease and like they were a part of the party, not just the hired help.

Engagement Site: Here you can find out how we met, how we got engaged, where we registered, and other random trinkets of knowledge.

Save The  Date Pics

Engagement Pics

The Bridal Shower

The Pre-Parties

Getting Ready

The Prelude

The Kiss

The Party


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