Camera Dump

I just recently dumped all the pics from my camera onto my computer…finally. I am loving my new camera. Here are a few are from an engagement shoot I got to tag along on…I REALLY love taking other peoples pictures, plus I am wiling to bring along my kitchen cupboard door (see below). If you know of anyone who wants a free photo shoot, im jonsen for some practice!




reasons i am no longer ready to leave Bariloche: the waiter at my favorite chocolate shops winks at me when i walk in and already knows i want coffee, not chocolate… i find my spanish prof thoroughly entertaining we found a place … Continue reading

about a week ago (and honestly i cant believe it has been that long ago, the week are now officially flying by) we went hiking up to…get ready for it…more mountains and lakes. but this one was just as beautiful and i … Continue reading

snow! im in love with it, i can no longer imagine a life without it. its beautiful and magical and cold.  and peaceful. so many adjetives, i cant pick just one. breathtaking. and peaceful.