I want to go to this conference so bad! Whose coming with me?? We can bring 3 and split the cost!

You should attend this conference, Im the production coordinator (looking for a stage manager..whose interested? Renee..?) 🙂

I totally messed this recipe up today. Im a cooker not a baker. APPARENTLY you cant substitute eggs with applesauce. my bad.

I was completely inspired by this post this morning.

Im ashamed to admit I want these shoes. Im such an uncool human.

So proud that this is my sister in law. Her blog cracks me up.

Well thats all for now. I just submitted a paper and now Im off to plan Richie and I’s 6 month anniversary to Cabo (why not, am I right?).  Since we have managed to never celebrate any sort of anniversary thus far including during all of our dating years, we decided to cash in on 6 months of marriage.