B is for Busy

I’m sitting down in front of my computer right now wanting to capture the moment in words and floundering to even get this first sentence out. There are a million different thoughts pinging through my mind and as I try grab of few of them to get them on paper it seem nearly impossible. I suppose some of my thoughts aren’t ripe enough for picking.

To say that this season of life for Richie and I is a busy one is an understatement. The reality of that was made apparent to us, of all places, across form our tax lady. We handed her our five different W2’s to which she commented…wow…you both work full time. Yup we do. Then she asked if we had any educational write offs, to which we replied…yup, both currently in full time masters programs. Her eyes kind of got bigger…Oh but don’t worry, Richie has a scholarship because oh yeah- he plays baseball and season just started. Our tax lady kind of shook her head and laughed.

This got me thinking. On top of work, school, and baseball….we are also in a life group and a Bible study, I’m doing another all women’s Bible study, plus I am currently mentoring someone. Not to mention friends and family, and the birthdays, holidays, celebrations, and nights out that come along with needing and wanting to spend time with the people we love. We are also just simply trying to navigate what being young and married looks like. Oh yeah, and we are in the midst of planning a trip to Europe this summer, and a trip to Canada, I am planning a missions trip with my job to Mississippi, and Richie is heading to the east cost.

 So then we decided- what the heck- lets buy a house.

 SO in the midst of the crazy….we are also moving.

 And to think, five months ago I was bawling because I was BORED and JOBLESS.

 The Lord continues to humble me with his abundant provisions, and continues to remind that he cares enough lavish his love over me, filling all the nooks and crannies of my life. And to think, most of the time I still focus on the negative- the things I don’t have, the people who refuse to be my friend, and the mistakes I have made. I dwell. I dwell. I dwell. And I let Satan blind me from a Fathers love for his daughter.

So this morning is a morning for pondering the wonder of God and placing myself in a posture of thankfulness. It is a morning for not seeing my life as busy but as rich with meaning and intentionality. 


(also- I went to part time in my masters program, dropped a bible study, and made a cup of tea. Self-care people. Self-care.)


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