super dramatic day

So if you are reading this and you’ve never met me its imperative you know, I am not, generally speaking, a super dramatic person…in fact in general people use words like responsible, even keeled, trustworthy, content, and dare I say peaceful to describe me.

But today I woke up on the dramatic side of the bed. I managed to blow everything up in my mind into something irrational, have significantly unreasonable responses to situations that came up, and I was in general, a drama queen.

Do you ever have days like that? Where you declare words “I have NO friends” at your husband. Days where you are convinced everyone had parties last night and no one invited you. Where your head hurts and its probably cancer.

Yeah thats what today was for me. ugh. Being dramatic is totally exhausting. I am now going to crawl my dramatic little self in bed and hope that tomorrow I wake up feeling a little more rooted in well, reality. 


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