New things are no longer only around the corner..

So after a lot of waiting and waiting I finally have a job! And not just any job, an amazing job, a dream job really. I am now on staff at my church working with some amazing people to grow and develop some new programs we are launching. Things centered around missions, service, and  volunteerism..aka stuff I am TOTALLY passionate about. Once again I am getting paid to do ministry, something frankly I probably would have done for free (dont tell my boss).

The process of getting here was not easy or pain free, nor will the transition into it be.  But how I arrived here is nothing short of the Lords complete orchestration, and I am just EXCITED. I am working doing something I love and in a grad program that amazes me. Thank the Lord! And thank you to everyone who has been praying for me through this journey. Like my last post showed. I love my world wide web of family and friends!


3 thoughts on “New things are no longer only around the corner..

  1. So excited and so very jealous. Thankful and proud of you for waiting on what God had for you! Can’t help but recollect back on the time when the options were: find a job and fast, no matter what it is, or wait on what God may bring along. He knew best! He is so good.

    Also, can we discuss the fact that your most frequently used tag on this blog is “Breakfast”? Awesome.

    • haha idk why breakfast is so big! its not even my favorite meal! Also…youre in the zu! I would like to see you at least a little before you drive back up. idk why im blogging this instead of texting you…hey look the two comments ive gotten on this post are both from margarets.

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