PinterTest Kitchen Edition!

This first attempting of PinterTest on BeChanged was a fun one! The recipe was a personal fav food: Soft pretzels. Yum! Everything tuned out so tasty, I just think I need to work on my iphone pics being a little less blurry! I HIGHLY recommend you give the recipe a spin, so easy and hard to mess up, and for dinner I added some garlic and parmesan on top before I baked them to eat with some warm corn-chicken chowder. Heck Yeah.

I also love any excuse to use my orange Kitchen Aid.  ImageImageImageImageImage

They also pair nicely with a cup of tea for an afternoon snack!ImageImage


4 thoughts on “PinterTest Kitchen Edition!

  1. So I’m sad for you that there is no picture in your linky but I’m so distracted by that adorbable orange mixer that nothing matters. And I want pretzels. I’m so glad you linked up. And I love your blog.

  2. i can’t believe you have an orange mixer! i love it! (i have the pink one!)
    i bet people will make comments about it ALL THE TIME (i always get comments about mine, and i feel like orange is even BOLDER!) so fun.

    also on my cruise we ate pretzel sticks like this EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
    with avocado.

    seriously. they were the best thing on our whole cruise.

    is there a link to the recipe? FUN!

  3. Love your mixer! And I’m a fanatic about soft pretzels but haven’t had the courage to try it yet. You’ve given me some good incentive with those yummy looking pretzels!

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