Hello Monday {Goodbye San Mateo}

This weekend I got to cruise on up to San Mateo to celebrate one of my favorite people, Margaret. Marg decided to turn 22, and I figured celebrating with her was a must, seeing as how I love birthdays. Hello San Franciso!Image

The weekend held lots of much needed adventures, including a great lookout spot, lunch at an adorable seaside town, shopping @ Height and Ashbury, breakfast in Half Moon Bay with her bff Kim, and of course 5 episodes of Reba while waiting for the UPS man to bring the birthday iphone 5. (apparently im really into sticking my arms out…note to self: not a cool photograph pose)


Hello Birthday celebrations! We feasted at an awesome restaurant called B Street & Vine, and then headed over to this funky little bar called Grape and Grain…which I think we need down here in SoCal STAT.

Hello delicious Brushetta!




Hello Birthday girl!


Hello Roommates!


Hello Kim and Jessica 🙂


Hello Wonderful gifts….


Hi grapes and Grain. I liked you a lot!


Im sad to leave but happy to be home back to smoggy LA, and my hubster.Image


One thought on “Hello Monday {Goodbye San Mateo}

  1. these pictures are so stinking fun.
    what a great weekend! glad you visited and got a glimpse of life in the Yay!
    also the golden gate is my fav. shoulda taken a day off for sure.

    also. the group shot is so cute – especially with abi.

    and the picture of me and jess is kinda hilarious.

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