Canadian Treats!

Can I get a woot woot for the #mug swap?? Thanks to my favorite roommate ever Margaret I participated in the lovely Kim’s August mugswap! Its exactly what it sounds like. Sign up, get a top secret friend, send adorable mug, get adorable mug (and if you’re lucky-other treats).

I drew the wonderful, famous blogger Jeannett at LIfe Rearranged … no pressure… not. But I did not back down in the face of challenge. An immediate trip to the world market was in order, where essentials were purchased. Mug. Chocolate. Tea. Yum.


Add some mini-bunting, polka-dot tissue paper, and bow. I considered my mission complete.

Then came MY mug. I have to be honest, I was a little nervous that I would get a lame mug. I know I know, no mug is lame. But come on, Im sure we all thought about it at one point. Luckily my fear was QUICKLY squashed when I found a package on my doorstep from get this: another COUNTRY! How cool is that??Image

Thats right. I got myself a sweet sweet notes, canadian branch mug, delish ginger cookies, and delightful teas. The mug completely suited me, it was like I picked it out for myself. Smiles of joy my friend.



Thank you So much my new canadian friend Stephanie Charest!! :)you made my #mugswap dreams come true.


One thought on “Canadian Treats!

  1. so um. you are quite the gifted mug swapper.
    look at you and your fancy mini bunting.

    and i am way jealous of your cute canadian branch mug.
    loving the white and texture. it is super perfect.
    and i know i already told you this but i’m kinda excited about that cannister of tea and how i have one too! fancy mc schmancy!

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