I have a hard core travel craving, and I dont just mean to the beach. I want to get AWAY. Not just a vacation. I want to wander, meet new people, make a difference somewhere besides my neighborhood. Another country. New food. New culture. I want to immerse myself in something different.

You see, I had this awesome summer where I got married and went on lots and lots of trips. So far: Palm Springs, Santa Cruz, Ensenada, and Texas. Up next: Durango, Atlanta, and back to Texas. But then there are my super awesome friends. They make me jealous. They have been to Nepal, Kenya, Europe, one of them is about to move to turkey, my sister lives in Ethiopia, and the list goes on. Jealousy is bad, I know but its what im feeling.

I have all these invisible handcuffs that are keeping me form just taking off. They aren’t all bad per se, they are just my current reality, the natural consequences to the life I have chosen. I have an apartment, a husband, a graduate program, friends, family, and stuff. They keep me here.

And really, its ok, and really, I do love my life. I know I am where God wants me. But consider yourself put on notice: Im ganna wander, and its ganna happen soon. And im ganna bring my husband. We may or may not come back.


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