Thoughts from a Temp.

So in the saga that is “Kayla trys to find a job” I have currently landed a gig at the university bookstore for a week and a half. Tis the season where EVERYONE is buying their books at the same time ergo they need extra hands, which this bored girl is all to happy to offer her own. Also- it allows me a faculty/staff parking pass for the year since technically I was hired as staff (never mind for only one week). One point kayla, minus one point campus safety. 

So, with three days under my belt, which basically makes me an authority on this subject matter, I thought I would share some observations and thoughts on what I have seen.

1. If at any point in your college career you feel bad about how expensive your books are, and that the world is completely unjust and against you, consider the fact that I have rang up no less than 100 nursing majors whose books each cost over a grand. yes. one-thousand dollars. That my friends, is commitment to education. 

2. Next time that you are handed a receipt and asked to sign it, take a moment and look around the counter to see if there is a pen nearby. Over half the time, I have to take a pen out of a cup no more than 5 inches away from the customers hand and set it on top of their receipt for them. We are not 5 year olds people. 

3. If you were to every walk into a book store with over 70 people waiting in line, please do not assume that you can cut in front of all of them to ask the person at the register if we have any more 5th edition copies of your literature book used.  With thousands of books in the store, I do not have the mental capacity to know what we do and do not have, nor does my register which does simple math and not much else. Go ask the reference desk. 

4. Ever walk into a store with thinks like little stuffed animals in school t-shirts and think that no one in this world would buy that in their right mind? They do. 

5. My final observation is that having an English major (myself) working in a bookstore is like having an food addict work in a grocery store, or a crack addict….well I think you get what im implying. Not good for this girls bank account my friend. Not good at all. 


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