These summer months have been flying by, and there are many words and pictures I want to get up on this blog before summers gone and its time for the fall. This last week was spent in the wonderful state of Texas. Richies job sent him out to Austin, which just so happens to be about an hour away from my lovely in-laws house.

Within the first ten minuets of arrival, Richie had his cowboy hat perched on his head. Que all things texan: thick tortillas, cold beers, tubing down the river, boat rides on the lake, and lots of country music. We spent most of our time eating way too much good food, and/or in some sort of water (pool, river, lake, etc). I have to admit, I would not consider myself a “texan”, but truly, the people are nicer and the pace of life is much slower, two things that I often forget californians are missing out on.

overall it was a great little trip. up next over the next few months: mammoth mtn, Durango Colorado, and Atlanta Georgia! Life just doesn’t slow down….



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