Le Apartment

We are officially moved in and life has begun. While Im sure getting the apartment put together will forever in process it is at least no longer a maze of boxes and mattresses.


This is our front door and favorite couch. It is seriously so comfortable and used often. Still to be added are a few more pictures up on this wall. Maybe. I actually can’t really decide.


our fake entertainment center. note the large state of the art flat screen TV in high def with surround sound.


some wedding momentos. I still need to find a frame for our certificate….


all my kitchen goods…there was not enough cupboard space so we found this free shelf that I stained!


the kitchen table/ additional shelving (we have too much stuff). off to the left you can see the corner of a picture frame. This will be for wedding pictures once we get them back!


where the magic happens… le stove


hallway. pull up bar. where Kayla Richie works out.

also note laundry that is air drying.


the den/study room/richies closet/spare bed for guests.

yes that is a fish mounted to the wall.

yes that is my husband posted up on the phone with Tex.


our room. cost plus world market furniture central.


other half of our room. it still needs wedding pics, maybe some art. TBD.

And there it is folks! The Brown Family Apartment. My only complaint is it gets little to no naturally lighting which makes me feel like I live in a cave sometimes. But oh well, what can you do? I looked into renting a chainsaw to take the tree down in front of it but Richie thinks I would get in trouble. **praying for a wind storm**


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