The BP

Sometimes certain seasons of life seem like a home movie. You know the ones that are long and drawn out, where you were a baby and your parents filmed you because they had this new thing called a video camera but you didn’t do much and it wasn’t that exciting except then all of a sudden you are walking and everyone is so keyed up about it until you fell back on your but and suddenly not much is happening again except your parents voices still narrating the nothing happening. They are truly boring films, but sentimental nonetheless and totally worth watching and experiencing. That’s what living in the dorms this last year was like for me. I had my routine and I liked it. It was a sweet sentimental time full of laughter and wow moments punctuated by occasional hurt and anxiety and reality. It was fairly predictable but wonderful because of it. It was real life. I was talking last night to some friends and we were pondering how as humans we love routine and rhythm, and I am one of those people. I like the rhythm of home movies, the idea of familiarity with the occasional surprise.

May has been like a photograph.

There wasn’t time to make a movie. This month, each day was different. It was quick and bursting with new and different. It was a simple click and then it was over and documented. Sometimes when you take a quick picture it comes out terrible, but not this one, for this snapshot every setting was perfect. If life has an ISO setting, an f-stop, a lens to focus, then this month all the settings were perfect, and the picture was gorgeous. Life for the last four weeks have been crazy beautiful. There has been a wedding to plan, dance class nights with the love of my life, slow Sunday mornings at church, evenings spent with my family, and shopping dates with good friends.

Perhaps most special to me though, and most cherished, was my four weeks living in the bachelorette pad. I have had the privilege of living with three other incredible women, all of us getting ready to launch out into huge summers. I am getting married, Margaret is off to Nepal in a few days, last night Anneke left for Chicago to experience an internship of a lifetime, and Kimmy is steadily preparing her heart for Turkey, her home for the next two years. While the four weeks flew by I don’t think there was a single moment taken for granted, and the memories I made and the experiences I had left a deep mark on my soul in the best possible way.

Some of my favorites were: game nights (quelf and banana grams), tanning by the pool with very little sun screen and lots of tanning oil, dinners on the patio, movies with all of us curled of on the couch, high heels worn while brushing our teeth, shopping trips, line dancing, riding around town on the moped, long hours studying and reading side by side, random house quests both expected and unexpected, great conversation, four very shared closets, and lots of dreaming about the future.

These memories are so rich and so treasured, and I am saddened that it has all basically come to an end, but also so thankful and blessed and happy. God is good and life is good. Not always easy, sometimes a little boring, but not this month. This month has been a treasure.

The Bach Pad


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