I cant believe how much is happening in my world right now. I have only two more weeks before I am a college graduate, which is completely insane. Tonight my mom was reflecting on how it seems like it has gone by so fast. While yes, this is true in many ways, it also has seemed like four veeeeery long years. In college every day is packed with things to do, and I must admit that May 5th is looking all too appealing.

After graduation comes moving into the Bachelorette Pad, which is what me and my two roommates are affectionally calling the apartment we will move in to. Margaret and I are doing a happy dance about having a kitchen again, after a year in the dorms, and I cant wait to wake up to Kimmys smiling face each day. Richies hoping the name changes when he finally moves in…Im not so sure.

May will be filled with tons of wedding planning, lots of really fun hustle and bustle. We have a florest, a baker, a food tasting set up, wedding bands for me, a honeymoon, an apartment, a few dance classes under our belts, and a pile of gifts growing in my room. On the to do list: buy him a wedding ring, get a bed, plan out our ceremony and reception timeline, center pieces and other decor, a few more dress fittings, programs, seating charts, facials and pedicures, lots and lots of prayer, hopefully I can find a job, and the list goes on.

Planning a wedding is so much fun (minus the stress), but really I am just so excited for the day when I get to finally start and end each and every day with Richie. This next stage of life is at the tip of my fingers. I am so ready and excited!


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