lent begins march 9

Lent has been something practiced for thousands of years. Numerous cultures and nations express worship through lent in many different ways. Some give up food, some give up certain food products such as meat, others have given up time, or money; and over the years this richly held tradition has rooted itself into societies.

So why should we continue this tradition? It is not something necessarily biblical, there are no explicit scriptures demanding that we carry out this concept. But there is power in tradition. Just as a wedding ceremony as we know of it today isn’t not necessarily “biblical”, it is still a ritual that brings symbolism and meaning into the union of two people.

to me, there is power in the tradition that lent brings. to me lent is a time where I can step back, take a deep breath, and evaluate what controls me. I strive to create a space in my life for God’s presence to infiltrate where i tend not to let it,  to be a little more disciplined , and a lot more prayerful.


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