reasons i am no longer ready to leave Bariloche:

the waiter at my favorite chocolate shops winks at me when i walk in and already knows i want coffee, not chocolate…

i find my spanish prof thoroughly entertaining

we found a place that has a food “happy hour” two burgers for the price of one.

the sunsets are getting more and more beautiful

the guy who owns the vegetable stand by my house waves hi to me every time i walk by, and asks me how life is

the sweet lady who does the cleaning at our school class me pretty and kisses me on the cheek every morning

everyone here kisses on the cheek, and its perfectly ok

i am linguistically competent (not fluent, but competent), and know it will take two weeks back in america before it starts to slip away

i discovered a map of all the different trekking possibilities here. and want to try them all

my heart is just happy and full. content.

oh yeah, and i got to live in the house pictured above for a night. who would want to leave that?


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