a year.

for multiple reasons, this week became one of reflection, mostly over my last year of living, which of course led to list making. between last july and this july i have (to list a few events, but not even close to all):

-Moved ten times

-Over 3.2 different countries (vacation in the dominican counts as .2)

-Spent over eighty hours in airplanes

-Worked two different jobs

-Got hired for a paid internship next fall

-Chose a major I actually love

-Started a blog people read (i think…) 😉

-Lived in a house in the mountains with nine girls

-Lived in an apartment with two of my most favorite people on this planet

-Lived in a dorm room with Sindy, and 30 monkeys 🙂

-Lived with a family that speaks no english

-Gained two little argentine sisters

-Served (serving) in two different, very intense, but very rewarding, “volunteer positions”

-Helped build a house

-Took and passed thirty-five units

-Learned a new language

-Made countless new friends, some of whom i may never see again, some of whom i get to live with in the fall. all completely invaluable and wonderful

-left teenagedom…and entered the ever confusing ever uncertain ”twenties”

-Went on a real African safari, lived in a real Zulu tribe

-Experienced my first “first snow”

-Read an unfathomable amount of books. Wrote an equally unfathomable amount of papers.

there are so many other things, but this is just a few of the big things. i read this and i think back to last july and realize: both nothing about me, and at the same time everything about me, has changed (i know, so confusing, but i don’t know how else to explain it). i was told before i left for africa by one of the directors that i would be “ruined for the ordinary”. i think this whole year has ruined me for the ordinary. because it showed me that nothing has to ever be ordinary. even making a cup of coffee can be the most excellent escapade if done with joy. people think traveling is the adventure, and home is somehow stagnation. but really, shouldn’t life itself be the adventure? do not get me wrong, traveling is incredibly thrilling, but i also want this next year of life, even if mostly lived in azusa, to be just as momentous. and it can be, because it’s all a state of mind: being willing to learn, not settling, and embracing change. stagnant, i hope and pray, will never be an adjetive in my life.


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