about a week ago (and honestly i cant believe it has been that long ago, the week are now officially flying by) we went hiking up to…get ready for it…more mountains and lakes. but this one was just as beautiful and i sneak snapped a picture of richie most likely “deep in thought”. i found a snippet from a blog i wrote in africa that i think perfectly depicts how im feeling right now:

Life here continues to flourish, and I  suspect before I know it days will begin to fly by. It feels like the last two weeks I have been pulling a giant wagon up a hill, and now I get to sit in it knowing that in any moment, someone is going to push me and I will begin, at rapid speed, the decent that is the rest of this trip. When this happens I imagine that I will have to do the only thing I know how, hold on tight and try to do everything in my power to retain all the images and experiences that will be flying by.



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