mi vida.

i have a new argentine family, and they make me so happy. i have two little sisters, 5 and 9 who are the cutest things to ever walk on this planet. also, we have a puppy who im pretty sure is on drugs and kittens. my house looks kind of like a barn, its 3 stories, and my room is located above the heater so my floor is always slightly warm, perfect for my always cold toes.

right now im sitting at the kitchen table while my “mom” cooks us dinner, one of my sisters is singing to us a new german song she learned in school, and the other is coloring (note: she has face paint on from a birthday party that makes her look like a bunny). maybe the best part about having little sisters is they talk lightly more at my spanish level, and are VERY patient with me when i have no clue what they are saying. its delightful.

(richies house is like a party 24/7. seriously, every night there are about 10 visitors, the phone rings 300 times, and dinner is like a verbal sparring match. when i go over i half expect techno music to pound out of the walls or something… id say we got pretty well matched with our families, wouldn’t you?)

so it just got cold here. more like freezing. it no longer get light until about 8 am (very inconvenient for waking-up motivation). i never seem to have time to eat breakfast, which is problematic because i smell donuts every day walking to school. i told richie the other day when we were walking that i smelled them..he told me i was crazy. i insisted there must be donuts somewhere…he still didn’t believe me, said he smelled nothing. (my powers of persuasion do not seem to consistently work on him. also problematic) about three days later, after smelling that torturous sweet warm fresh baked smell consistently, i found a bakery. its a hidden one, essentially in someones garage, but its on the way to school..and has donuts. i win.

another highlight thus far was last night. tengo classes in spanish. richie and i went with some friends we have made around here, and had a blast (and we didn’t suck!). dance like that is hard for me, because in essence, it requires i follow the lead of a boy, which is not my number one gift ill admit. but richie knows how to keep me in line (one of the few) and after yanking me around a little, i finally just let him lead me, and then we did great. tengo its an extremely fluid dance, and i thoroughly enjoyed myself. all the while some lady was walking around yelling at us in spanish and we had NO idea what she was saying…for all we know she could have been saying “hey you unnaturally tall white americans, give up now”, but we decided to believe she was saying “oh my gosh. you two are the greatest tall white american beginners i have ever seen, i will take your picture and put it on my wall for all to see” 🙂

also world cup. two days. get excited.


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