una semana completo!

What I learned in Spanish class today:

-casa de matanza= slaughter house : parilla=meat : muerto=dead

(why im learning these words is still in question)

-Richard makes up words he thinks sound like Spanish words when he does not know the actual word, which makes me think he already knows twice as much spanish as i do, when in reality, he just makes twice as much noise as i do.

Hoy esta un dia muy bien! So many adventures to talk about. As i write this my brain is a jumble of Spanish and English because i have to think in both, im tempted to replace some basic words with spanish words porque es mucho mas facil por mi. Its how i live now, i have to keep my mind disciplined in order to retain the spanish words that continually flood my ears. Richie and I are amazed at the sheer volume of words we have learned in the last few days, our goal : no hablamos Ingles en tres semanas (no more english in three weeks). He is the perfect adventure buddy, because he keep me on my toes and forces me to push myself to learn mucho vocabulario! Every nightwe have a complete nerd-fest where we do our tarea (homework) together and then test each other on all the new words we are learning.

There is now so much laughter in class (as is expected once you get over being embarrassed about trying to speak another language). After class today, Richie and I  journeyed to “Claro” and bought ourselves dos telephones celulares.  I may or may not have accidentally called their medical emergency number twice when trying to figure out how to enter new contacts and they may or may not have showed up at the house…  whoops 🙂 Tonight we are headed off to un Asado, which is basically a, come over hang out and eat meat, party with some friends from our language school, y tomorrow we (hopefully) will be going dancing, and Sunday visiting a local church. Life here is truly wonderful. Our host family is absolutely delightful, everything is so beautiful, and there is a very unique culture here that we are quickly assimilating to. Lots of plans are being made, and i cannot imagine i will ever have un momento to be bored.

Lastly, Richie has a blog too so if you interested you should read it, he does a good job of filling in the gaps i have in mine.



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