airports. are stupid.

I would like to start this entry with: I’m never flying with continental airlines again.

Houston was…well, not the most interesting city, but a success non the less. I befriended the concierge and coerced the local Pizza Hut to deliver me a pizza despite the fact it was midnight and they had closed. There was free internet (ALWAYS a thrill), and the Greenville mall. I spent about 6 hours at the mall, got my hair died at “visible changes” by a lovely women names Slavette, and giggled at the “customized grilz”  for your teeth at the jewelry shop. Didn’t even know that was a real thing, but yes, it is. AND I scored some free shampoo from one of the cleaning ladies which was super beneficial when I accidently used body lotion as conditioner later that day.

Fast forward to me landing in Buenos Aires. I have a three hour layover in which I must get me and my bags an hour across town to a different airport. Feeling rather confident in my abilities after successfully getting this far (ok, successfully may be a stretch, but at least alive) I decide to get myself a taxi and “pretend”. I told the driver I was twenty-five year old named Brooke from South Africa and I’m a photographer here to do community/social development. All in Spanish. Seriously don’t know how this happened, but I just decided I was going to speak Spanish…and I did…albeit it was a little choppy, but he understood! It was like all I had learned in high school came flooding back to me. Pure awesomeness.

When I arrive at the next airport…the all H*l!. I apologize for the bad word, but the situation seriously warranted it. After all the delays this airline had put me through, I thought the worst was over. Boy was I wrong. When I go to check in they say I’m not in the system. Like, poof, gone, no ticket, nada. I proceed to fight on the phone for three hours with them. Miss my flight…miss the second flight out…still fighting on the phone…they want me to buy a new one for $300… They even tried to convince me I needed to drive two hours back into the city to figure this out. I said “there’s no way in heck I’m doing that, get me your supervisor”. All throughout this some wonderful ladies who worked for Argentina Airlines were helping me fight this battle and finally, continental realized they had majorly messed up, realized it was ALL their fault, blah blah blah. I was so mad i was tempted to continue to push for a free flight or something, but did not want to miss the last flight out for the day, SO me and the Argentina Airlines supervisors all hug and kiss over our victory and I finally arrive in Bariloche.

 So I’m here, and so excited. Me and Richard are going to have a blast, we already have great new friends and jam packed planned days for the next week. I’m really happy, and excited for this journey of mine. Lots of growth and learning, and lots of laughter. 


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