so im pretty sure God is teaching me a lesson, and i cant help but simply laugh at myself. throughout the duration of my four months in africa i did nothing but whine and complain about how i preferred independence and detested traveling in large groups. 

welp, here i sit alone in texas, alone, and laughing.

i love traveling, i love seeing new places, meeting new people. but i have a secret. i hate flying in airplanes. not only do i hate it…im kind of afraid of it. but it has become one of those things i push through because i love to travel more than i fear flying. not only is it uncomfortable and boring, its puts me in a place where i have no control over my life (i have control issues) (im working on it). i am completely dependent on the weather and two pilots. so imagine my joy when after a nice long delay, a thunderstorm rolls in right before landing. one of those storms that not only causes turbulence, but also contains moments when the plane feels momentarily like it is falling out of the sky.

and of course, the man sitting next to me (who insisted on closing the window during a gorgeous sunset) opens it up to watch lightening bolts strike right next to us.

go figure.

i land. sprint through the Houston airport. miss my connecting flight. i peer through the window and watch both the plane and my traveling companion richard taxi away…so close! and yet…   not there in time.

so im sitting in a hotel eating a pizza watching tv and writing, thinking about this lesson im learning. tomorrow i will travel all the way down to the bottom of the world alone. i got my “independence”, and “freedom”. but really thats so far from the truth. so many people helped me today, my friends, family, flight attendants. i am once again humbled and reminded that i am so incredibly dependent, and so thankful for the people who are continually, time after time after time, there for me. im loved, truly, deeply, and wonderfully loved.


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