cape town.

i realize there is an abundance of things i have not blogged about, including but not limited to, safari, zulu home-stays, leaving Pietermaritzburg ,and week long ocean side road trip here to cape town: all things i hope to write about soon.  but i would just like to take a moment instead to talk about Cape Town. we arrived today, and i am a litte bit in love. i would imagine its me in the honeymoon phase, in which case all i have to say is, i hope its a long one. i didn’t realize how much i missed city life until i got here. its the perfect culmination of all my experiences here thus far. a lot of life, good food, and a tad more freedom. my heart is content.

im sitting in a dingy little internet cafe, its ten at night, and im full of dreams. being in Africa has made me recognize so much about myself, the world, and the role i want to play in it. there is so much i want to do on this planet! being stagnent is no longer an option for me. 

this trip is nearing its end. i know there has been so much growth that has taken place. many regrets, many successes, and yet still, so much still to do! i cant wait to tell you guys all about it! but im a sleepy girl. so for now its time for bed.

goodnight cape town, ill see you tomorrow


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