mmm, babies.

i have a love/hate relationship with them. i blame all the years of baby-sitting i did in my younger years.

but there is something so wonderful having a little girl start snoring on your shoulder with tiny little fingers curling onto your arm. your heart just kinda melts.

unless they’re crying.

then, not so cute.

this little one is the child of one of the “Esther House Ladies”. some of the student here worked with Esther House for their service site. it is a place where raped and/or abused pregnant women live while they work to get back onto their feet. on one of their last days together the students took the women out to the movies and left some of our boys here to babysit. when i got back form my service site i was handed this little girl, who wouldn’t stop crying. somehow, miraculously, she just curled up onto me and fell asleep for like an hour. 

so precious.


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