spiders and snakes and snails, oh my.

Well, It is safe to say the honeymoon stage is over. In any relationship, the initially euphoria is bound to wear off, and my relationship with Africa is no different. Not to say I am unappreciative, or not incredibly thankful and amazed that I am here, but things just no longer shine with the light of a million magical fairies. Apparently this is a very healthy stage in culture shock, so at least I’m healthy right?

This wearing off of love is manifested in a few different ways. First off I now hate bugs. Before, I tolerated them, took pictures of them even. Now they are everywhere. I cannot step into the shower without there being at least 10 half dead insects convulsing and whimpering on the tile floor as I spray them down the drain to their imminent death. In addition to the bugs we have snakes. Big snakes, little snakes, green snakes, black snakes. They slither everywhere and scare the hell out of me every time I come across one (I blame my mother for instilling this fear within me). How a person finds snakes enjoyable is beyond me. The other day a gardener walked into our class and asked us to all quickly stand on our chairs because he thought he saw a poisonous snake slither in moments earlier. They had to check all our bags and the curtains till they found it.

I have also been writing so many papers, I feel like my brain no longer thinks in words, it is just all mush. Since classes are condensed into six weeks, you go non-stop. Every night I am writing writing writing. It becomes torture sitting in classroom for ten hours a day when there is a beautiful summer day wanting to play with you, and you can hear the waterfall calling your name from the window behind you.  However, in two short weeks I will be done, and get to start my next course, Community Engagement, where I will work four days a week for amonth and a half with a local ministry sight. It looks like I will probably be at a site called Walk in the Light (http://www.walkinthelight.co.za/ ) here is a video about the program (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dmt7LF2Hf0k ). I get really excited about what the month is going to hold, largely because it is a huge unknown, and I know it will be a painfully beautiful growing experience.


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