…raindrops keep falling on my head :-)

I awoke Saturday to our first field trip (and yes calling it a field trip totally makes me feel like i am in first grade all over again). We all piled into cars and buses (all of us going anywhere is like trying to relocate a small country of humans, it makes me respect animals that migrate in masses, because it is a skill that has obviously been lost in the evolutionary process). Our first stop was to a “birds of prey sanctuary” aka watch really big birds eat dead little baby birds for lunch. Totally cool, but totally disgusting. Ill spare you the details. It most defiantly gave me a greater appreciation for birds though, especially the African variety.

Lions. Amazing. We may or may not have gotten in trouble for how close we got, and by that I mean we most defiantly did. But it was absolutely worth it, it was probably what people like to call a “once in a lifetime experience”. I hope that it happens more than just this once though.

I got to worship Jesus this Sunday at the most lively Pentecostal colored (we’re allowed to use that word here) church here in the local community. It was the equivalent of me getting invited to a giant party, and it mad me wonder why I haven’t been doing this my entire life. I got about 40 hugs. You know the part of church service where they tell you to say hi to the people around you, and you turn and politely shake hands with 2-3 people? Their version of it was, attack the Americans and smash them into giant hugs. Beautiful. I decided if church doesn’t involve dancing, I am no longer interested. I suppose it is part of the whole, I’m being ruined for the ordinary business.

The rest of my afternoon was SUPPOSED to be me doing homework, but being the queen of procrastination, when I was offered the opportunity to go to a piano concert, with two other music majors here, so of course I took it. We went to this very well known concert pianists house (of course I don’t remember his name), and I got to see a side of South Africa that was very unique.

His house was gorgeous, and he gave a show there especially for his most frequent followers, which consisted of about thirty eighty-five years old’s. It was precious, and the music was phenomenal. After, we were the stars because everyone wanted to hear our “accents”. I still giggle at the thought that I’m the one with an accent here.

To wrap it up here are a few other snapshots of my last few days:

Laughter: meals are my favorite because I laugh. We sit and tell stories and make each other laugh until tears are pouring down our faces. It is so wonderful, and makes me glad I will always have the ability to laugh. Its healing.

Thunder: the storms here are exquisite. Everything is magnified in this country. Even the rain drops are bigger. They plop into my nose, and it still startles me, its like a little punch from a baby.

Rooibos Tea: I know I know, I have already discussed this but seriously, I’m addicted. Tea is delightful. Please try it at some point, its so good for you! Check this website out if you don’t believe me


February 1, 2010 at 3:44 pm


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