Well it is another rainy rather chilly night, Friday night non the less, so what do we do here in SA? Why sit inside and do homework, blog, paint our nails, and listen to music of course. All things not very new culturally. Don’t worry, tomorrow we are planning on seeing lions and eating a traditional South African meal, so it makes up for our rather lackadaisical evening.

Yesterday was our first biology lab field trip. (WARNING: the following paragraph may make you jealous). Our adventures took us all over the local area looking at awesome plant life, standing at the edge of giant cliffs over looking tropical forests, hiking to a giant waterfall, and eating sack lunches by a lake. It was both a growing experiences in health and knowledge. Here are some things I learned:

1. Everyone here is a photographer, and s if I don’t bring my camera I get more pictures taking of myself. Vain I know, but true,

2. Fly’s don’t poop every time they land. They only throw up sometimes.

3. I now know what the back side of water looks like. I wondered my whole life, and I now have the answer. It looks the same as the front. But climbing behind the waterfall was still amazing J

4. I LOVE hiking the most of all exercises.

In addition to the hundreds of pages of text book I’m required to consume daily (which I totally read), I’m required to read all 4 gospels by Monday (which is totally going to happen). I have enjoyed the discipline of going through the gospels, I’m reading “the message” version which, yes I realize all you theology buffs think it lacks scholarly credibility, but it truly has brought them to life for me. If you have spare five minuets I HIGHLY encourage you to read this passage. I read it probably about 3 times today.

A few other exciting things happened today as well, including my first ever mall run! Because I have the worst class schedule in the history of the universe, I have not been able to get off campus yet, but today, it finally happened. Me and one of my chalet mates Kaylee tore it up and bought some clothes, jump drives, and…black licorice! I know, I know, I’m disgusting, how I could I like that. Yada yada yada. But I love it, and so does she. And I’m pretty sure we’re soul mates because of it. Also, in case your wondering, malls here are basically like malls in America, except different named stores.

Also at the mall we went to mugg and bean and i got a DELICIOUS cappuchino. i was going through withdraws.

In conclusion, here are some final thoughts:

-I had a panic attack the other morning about the fact that one day people will start deleting pictures and profiles on facebook, and that I must save every tagged photo of myself on my computer. That’s my new project for the week.

-About 1200 new songs were bestowed upon me from friends here and now my ears are dancing with delight over new music.

-I may or may not now be in possession of the camp paintball gun and may or may not shoot monkeys form my window.  Its just a rumor I’ve been hearing.

 January 30, 2010 at 7:41 pm


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