In addition to school, i’ve done some fun stuff too…like, dinner at the Keg, watching the movie My Best Friends Wedding (i LOVE Julia Roberts, and all things having to do with the 90’s), pancakes at the Coffeeberry, battlefield tours, and lots of great quality time with some friends here. If you havent heard of my best friend Emily’s photo blog, you should absolutely check it out.

In addition to her being the most incredible photographer here, she has lots of fun videos and stories on it. These and her photos do a wonderful job of explaining all about the living we have been doing here. Pretty please take some time to look through it (warning, you may end up on it for hours…its just that good).

Im heading into whats looking to be a fun and relaxing weekend so hopefully I will be blogging about my service site and whats been up the last few days..i miss everyone at home, i wish i could give you all hugs and then take you to eat taco’s with me.


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