top nine.

Top Nine Most Interesting things that have happened in the last week:

1. Service Site Selection

I now know officially the service site I was appointed: Walk in The Light. I am really excited, because not only do I know without a doubt that God will stretch me and grow me personally, but I will get to do it surrounded by friends. There are about 5 sites we all were split among, and Walk in the Light has some of my favorite people are also going to be there with me.

2. Biology Field Trip

We had our second to last biology excursion this week with the coolest nature loving, trail blazing south African lady around, Holga.

She took is hiking through rivers, collecting crabs and shrimps and fish, all the while measuring the health of the water (she made it seem like we weren’t even doing school work, just playing).

Now, if you have known me for any significant amount of time, you know that I trip a lot. Not over anything in particular, just, you know, over my own feet. I blame it on the fact I got very tall at a very young age, and never really grew into my extremities (arms, legs, feet). Now imagine me with this problem, but in a rocky river where I cannot see where I am stepping. I fell so many times, people stopped helping me back up. I looked like a fish out of water…I was a human in water. But what I lacked in grace, I made up for in zeal, and spent about 3 hours just laughing at myself, and everything else going on around me.

AT the end of the day, we all went on a floating trip down the river fully clothed, we laid on our backs, and used out hands under our butts to maneuver around rocks. It was a line of 30 little heads sticking out of the water (must have been a funny visual from above). After about ten minuets of this, Holga quickly ushers us out of the water. We had in fact reached the edge of a waterfall! My adventurous spirit was satisfied, and I am now contemplating just living in a forest for the rest of my life eating crabs and bathing in the river. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about papers or money or relationships. Sounds pretty perfect if you ask me…

3. Sangoma

My Life and Teachings of Christ class had the very rare and unique opportunity to visit a townships, and meet their Sangoma. That means (for all not fluent in isiZulu) went to the witch doctor. Now while that probably conjures up images of lizard eyes, strange herbs, and demon spirits…Well actually that about right. Essentially, unless you are a Christian here, you visit the Sangoma. My professor has a very dear friend (Eli) who was raised in this township and is good friends with the Sangoma. Eli became a Christian, but remained good friends with the Sangoma, so we were able to go visit him. He showed us all the remedies he uses, and explained the healing processes they go through to remove bad spirits. Lets just say a lot of animal blood poured on people. Ill leave it a that. Needless to say this was a once in a lifetime opportunity, once again getting to experience a piece of true African culture without the lenses of tourism.

4. Bushman Paintings

It may be just me, but when I used to think of Africa, one of the things I had always heard of was these remote caves that are difficult to hike to, where Bushman lived and painted very unique and advanced art onto rocks. Weather you have heard of this yourselves or not, I got to hike to Drankensburg mountains and see them for myself this weekend. The hike was gorgeous, the paintings fascinating, and the company enjoyable, and, the day ended with ice cream cones and a nap, so I have no complaints.

5. D group

I love my discipleship group. One  of my best and most loved friends in the world and I decided to lead one together here. The funny part is, I am pretty sure they are now leading us. The group is full of nine very beautiful people both inside and out, and we are learning about vulnerability and intimacy with each other and with God. I am SO thankful for the support system we are becoming for each other.

6. Finals

Finals are next week, and are going to kill me.

Ok, that might be slightly dramatic, but its going to be a tough ten days. The finish line is so close. Its finally in clear view and I am reaching out my hands in hopes that maybe that will help me reach it sooner, to no avail. However, when I do reach the end, it will be blissfully sweet and wholly welcomed.

7. Animals

Baboon, Chameleon, Crows.

8. Drakensberg Boys Choir

Today we got to see the Choir perform and it was phenomenal. Such a treat! These boys are so young and so talented. They travel all over the world every year, and we just so happened to catch them here in South Africa.

9. I’ve been climbing a lot of trees, and drinking a lot of coffee. Adventure and caffeine, the perfect combination for keeping Kayla happy.


3 thoughts on “top nine.

  1. What a great week you had. When I saw the picture of you in the tree in brought back a memory of you climbing what I thought was a very big tree when you were very small. Yes Adventure, that has always made a Happy Kayla. I really enjoyed reading this and seeing all the pictures. Your words really do make things come to life.

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