biology class? or.. safari? how about both combined please.

Last Thursday my bio class journeyed to the Tala game reserve ( where were got to go on a two hour game drive (that means sit in a funny looking car and take awesome pictures of animals).

We went with Sandy Safari (that my teachers name, she has a giant tan had with that embroidered onto it that she wore on our first field trip, so we all refer to her as such henceforth. I’m not positive she likes it, but if you don’t want 30 college students to call you that, don’t wear a hat with that on it).

safari time!

The animals were saw were so magnificent, however, Sandy Safari and her friend who was our other teacher for the day, wanted us to also take in the “magnificent” plant life. I don’t know how successful there mission was, upon seeing a Giraffe for the first time Sandy Safari calls out, “students! If you look to your right you will see the Aloe plant I was discussing earlier”…yea right. Like we cared about the Aloe plant with a huge Giraffe next to us. After the game drive we had to do a lab practical out in the fields that involved counting different types of grass and doing a soil study. The most interesting thing that came out of this, besides the fact that I got to hold the group clipboard (I have some minor control issues), was my sunburn.

I’m now in the “peeling” stage. which is equal parts disgusting and entertaining.

The first four pictures here are from other trips talked about in previous posts, but i wanted to share them none the less.




Buck. They are everywhere here, and not particularly interesting to me, but have awesome antlers.

These are Hippos, not only can they hold their breath for 7 minuets, but they can run 25 kilometers an hour under water, and 45 out of water. They kill more humans than any other animal in Africa. Uber dangerous.

Orange bird. Thats its scientific name.

When i see this picture i think of me and my two roomies from last semester. I am not totally sure why, but it just seems like something we would do. Just kinda hang out. Which was rare becasue of our crazy lives, but when we did, we chilled like these fellas.

Rhino!!!!!!!!!!! SO cooooool!!!!

Wilda beast. Pronounced viiildabeast (around here).

My animal twin. You know the game: what animal does that person look most like? Well, its a favorite of me and emily, and we decided i’m a Giraffe. Also, if they have there heads below their heart for more than like 3 minuets, they will die because all the blood will rush to their heads.

This little guy wouldn’t get out of our way.


On Friday morning in chapel we got the privilege of having a special guest speaker Sean Wisedale ( He is the first person form Africa to climb the heist mountain on each continent (this means Everest dad, you would have LOVED this.) He told us so many incredible stories about his climbing adventures. I couldn’t help but feel like I was in the presence of greatness. If you have a few moments you should check his website out, and if anybody is interested in climbing K2 with me, let me know.


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