Yesterday was a day of welcome rain that cooled us down with the unwelcome knowledge that when it finally stops it will be humid beyond belief. Classes are well underway, and I’ve already turned in my first four page paper! The monkeys here are everywhere, and extremely violent in nature. I wrote a little story about my morning to help get my point across. Please know there is no exaggeration happening here.

It was a cool misty morning, with giant thunderclouds brewing in the distance, preparing to release a deluge of rain onto all who dare cross their paths. For some unknown reason, Kayla, the young warrior princess rose before her normal time. Unsure of what caused such an early awakening ( 6 am!) she decided to go out on her front porch to scope out her surroundings. Off in the distance she observed a few morning joggers (who the hell jogs at six in the morning on their own accord she wonders), and beyond that she spots a small family of monkeys. “Ah” she thinks to herself, “what a nice peaceful morning to sit out here and do some reading”. So the warrior grabs her reading, pulls out a chair, and begins to scan the pages of her book. All is well in the world until suddenly, she catches, out of the corer of her eye, movement. Slowly glancing up, she sees two monkeys about 5 feet away on the railing staring her down.

Thinking they looked innocent enough, she continued on with her reading until she hears a hiss. Looking up she sees five more collecting on the other side of her. Starting to feel slightly outnumber, Kayla slides her chair in front of her front door, knowing that no matter what is about to happen, she must protect her hut, and those sleeping within it. What Kayla does not know, is that the monkeys were planning to attack, in desperate want of the jam and toothpaste contained in the building behind her. All of the sudden they start hissing and cackling and about thirty more gather at the hill across form her porch and about fifty more lined up on the floor below. Knowing an attack was eminent, Kayla does a triple back flip, knocking off all monkeys on the railing. Reaching over for the paintball gun by the front door (for suck a time as this), she quickly begins pelting the monkeys on the hill. Terror strikes the monkeys.

They quickly scatter running in fear of their lives. “All in a days work” Kayla chuckles to herself as she settles back into her chair to finish her reading, “all in a days work”.

the end.

Here are some other Highlights:

Me and Emily went on a walk and came across a family of Zebras. They are much cooler than monkeys, and much more docile. And the zebras here are actually brown and black, not white. who knew.

Roobios Tea, locally grown here in South Africa, is my new favorite. Its high in antioxidants and is naturally caffeine free. Since I don’t prefer the coffee they brew for us here, I have been drinking this by the buckets, which turns out, is really good for me, plus my caffeine habit is slowly leaving me.

IsiZulu, the language I’m learning here, has 3 different kind of clicking noises in it, all of which my tongue is completely unable to make.


tomorrow I get to go on my first bio field trip! I cant wait to get out and explore more of the area around us.

I also had an eight hour Life and Teaching class yesterday, which so far has presented itself as possibly the best class I will ever take in my college career. Rural Africa and the setting of the gospels have so many parallels and similar culture and lifestyle themes that the gospels are becoming more real to me than ever before. Also my prof here is really challenging us on so many levels about assumptions we make about the Bible, and our Christianity. The may i view the world is slowly shifting, and i love it.


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