vulnerability meets vulnerability and creates intimacy.

Fun Facts: in South Africa bathing suites are called costumes, and there are more Indian people here than anywhere else in the world other than India.

an old style "costume".

So after a few days touring around Joberg, we have arrived at our destination for the next twelve weeks, African Enterprise. Upon arrival my eyes were immediately delighted to discover the beauty of where I live. My house is right next to a forest with a waterfall that I can hear from my window. Also, the animals are completely amazing. There are zebras (me and Emily went on a walk and saw four tonight, one of them way a baby!) , monkeys, leopards, black mambas (ok these are more terrifying but still cool), and lots and lots of bugs. Now I know discussing the weather is completely cliché and slightly uninteresting but I feel it is my duty to inform you all its like I live on a tropical island, all the time.

We had orientation this morning, in which we discussed very important security issues such as how to survive a monkey attacks 101, very important academic matters such as how to cram as many one in a lifetime opportunity field trips into a month, and very important scheduling issues such as Tea time is at Ten and Four every day. Team time is the equivalent of Kayla’s dream world. I have five times a day where I get all the coffee tea and baked goods I could every want or need, all locally grown and so delicious I think I will cry when I must again depend on Starbucks for my caffeine fixes.

My Home 🙂

Classes also began today, a very unwelcome reality I was not ready for. These next six weeks of school will be so packed with papers and reading, I may resort to just becoming a monkey myself and living with them instead, kind of like Jane from Tarzan. However, if that plan falls through I’m still banking on the whole marrying rich plan. I have hope. In all honesty though, the opportunities I will get to experience are so mind-blowing (which I know sounds dramatic) I do not even know how to put into words all I will be doing. For example, just found out I’m living in a traditional Zulu village for 3 days in huts with only non-English speakers, followed by a 4 day safari in unfenced reserves. And that’s just the beginning.


5 thoughts on “vulnerability meets vulnerability and creates intimacy.

  1. Hi to you….I am so thrilled to read of your every experience….bugs, animals,food, etc. It is so interesting.You are probably thinking as I did in 1986 in Yugoslavakia-I felt like it was a dream and I wanted to remember every little thing.Keep a diary(I know you do)-in time you may not.I’d love the climate…and I’d love seeing so many wildlife.Keep in touch-I love it and I love you….g..jane

  2. K! ahh! i am soo excited for you!! i love your blog, your sarcasm, and your insight! hope you are having fun and please be safe! stay away from those monkeys i guess! haha its 12:46 in the afternoon here, im in class imagining what it would be like to be in South Africa! keep the posts coming! love you!!

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