And so it begins.

Journey Part 1: Lax -> Washington DC -> Senegal -> Joberg, South Africa

Fun Fact: I’m ten hours ahead of LA time, in case you want to do that math periodically throughout your day.

My travels so far do not contain much that needs reporting, other than the fact that 53 of us managed to successfully travel to the other side of the world together with no major mess-ups. Bravo us. I overheard someone say earlier today (or was it yesterday? I can honestly say I have completely lost all sense of time) that hell is probably Satan putting a punch of people on an airplane and making them stay on it for the rest of their lives. That may not be far from the truth. Now please do not get me wrong, I truly appreciate the culinary genius of the man that invented meals that survive 6 hours of being in a warmer before being served to the poor individuals who were shoved onto a tube with five hundred other people that is being hurdled ten thousand miles across the world. I especially love consuming 4 of them in a row*. I also love when the in flight movie system is broken, and my laptop dies.

But enough of making you jealous let me tell you about some of highlights of the flight. Emily has an infected toe nail, its pussing, and we’re afraid amputation may be necessary (yes, this is absolutely a highlight)*. Also, we all were assigned numbers and so in the middle of public places we do count offs, and afterwards cheer when we are all there, which is quite the funny image: 53 twenty something year olds cheering because we once again all counted to 53. Out intelligence levels may or may not actually be digressing thus far. Lastly, I feel it is my duty to inform you that the movie A Time Travelers Wife will absolutely go down as the greatest movie of our generation, so if you have not seen this powerful work of art in the form of feature film, I highly encourage you rent and watch it .*

On a more serious note, as I watched the map of us flying into Africa, I was hit by the fact that I know the names of about 10 cities in the entire continent. The place I am flying to is so unknown and forgotten. Africa is largely this great mystery that I think very few will ever fully understand, and so my prayer for all of us is that we are sponges ready to absorb anything and everything we can; to become a little less ignorant, and more understanding of what God is doing here.

*This may be slightly sarcastic in nature


2 thoughts on “And so it begins.

  1. Hi K, well I dont need to tell you how much I miss you already. Sounds like the geckos and monkeys are keeping you company. Hope Em still has her toe….jam?? Any way, Ojai was beautiful and the spa was great as was the Julie and Julia meals..cute movie too. Love u

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